Duration: 2 month ( 6 hours/day)​

This course is ideal for ones looking to

pursue tattooing as a carrier.


Covers basic to advanced level of professional tattooing techniques. Ideal for ones looking to have some hands-on and become a freelance tattoo artist. 



What we offer - 
  • Basics of Photoshop, drawing, and illustration.​

  • Understanding body anatomy, skin type, and quality.

  • Fundamentals of machines, needles, and inks.

  • The process of stencil making and freehand drawing.

  • Color Blending & Photo Realism Technique. 

  • Black and Grey Shading Techniques.

  • Use of Digital Software and Hardware for Designing.

  • Advance Level Stenciling techniques for portrait and realistic tattoos. 

  • Geometric and Dotwork Techniques

  • Hygiene practices to make a professional tattoo.

  • Practice on Artificial Skin.

  • Business promotion and Marketing techniques.


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